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Wargame Red Dragon Double Nation Pack free download torrent

   14/03/2017       421

Wargame Red Dragon Double Nation Pack free download torrent


Wargame Red Dragon Double Nation Pack Clean torrent

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Wargame Dragon – Nation double pack: Reds (a) Focus Home Interactive

In this issue: 03 December 2016 Number of Discs / Format: 1 BluRay

Game type: RTS / Defense Strategy Media: Steam

Wargame: Red Dragon with two new people Yugoslavian Red Back


Yugoslavia come to Finland fortalecerPact wargame side: Red

Dragon, resulting in 186 new units to add another excellent strategic

depth of RTS entertainment EugenSystems.

People IwgoslafaiddFyddinvysoko mechanized fighting force, with

powerful tanks and fighting vehicles, infantry supported by a wide range of versátilesSAM / SPAAG

weapons systems, as well as many indigenous attack. includes

Four variants of the T-84 MBT and heavier tanks such as the M-91

Vihor. Yugoslavia also field a lot of variations in wheel armored BOV

vehicles, M-60 APV, M-80. BMP is not less than the Air Iugoslavaforza

four planes of the populationIndian (Jastreb Super Caleb, Novi PRAYER related), molded

in game seven amrywiadau.Iwgoslafiaigrat in coalition


The Finnish army Package available in the new nation well. includes

Intelligence is excellent, offering a wide range of options, from

invisible to the powerful. Finland will introduce a new type of block: ATV

cyclists, FDF M nkij, small SUV evasive. strong infantry

line supports the strength of intelligence, with a variety of soldierswomen

MG soldiers with CQC, which gives an incredible capacidadena cleaning FDF

urban forest. ryadFinskaya army model also contains extensive

A range of conventional artillery, heavy mortars, for example, TelaKrH 66 to 122 mm

PSH 74 (Carnation) 152 mm telak 91, as well as the modernization of MBT

T-72M1MOD. And let’s not forget the iconic StuG, Sturm!


standalone game will be fully updated and includes full extent DLC +

release date.

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(C) E / DPP

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Wargame Red Dragon Double Nation Pack